BG 1202 renovation

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BG 1202 renovation

Indlægaf Mexking » søn 24. jun 2012 20:36

Jeg købte i DK for ca 3 mån. siden en Beogram 1202, den blev pakket og transporteret til Mexico af min søn, som studerer i Aarhus, vil nu forsøge at forklare hvad jeg indtil nu har gjordt ved den, resten på engelsk så også fremmede visitanter forstår det. Da jeg også frekventerer andre forum bliver det også lidt lettere for mig.
Here model and number, you will find that at the bottom cover, which has to come of to get to the innards.
Bottom of, and it looks very nice, at the arrows you can see the sealing lacquer on the adjusting screw, I don't think this deck was ever opened since factory.

Now, I didn't know the condition of this deck, only 2 pics on Gul og Gratis, I knew I wanted it, and I knew there would be problems with the 50 Hz AC motor, so my intention was to change the speed with minus 20 %, making a smaller belt drive wheel. Here the whole drive, as you see it all looks clean and without much use.

now to the conversion to 60 Hz, the wheel looks like this

After measurements and heavy thinking I went to the workshop and in my lathe made this
After the wheel I concentrated on the rest of the drive mechanism, it moved very hard, so I stripped it to the last detail
Look at all the old hard grease.

After a good cleaning everything looked better

Together again and everything is working smooth, and the best thing is, hardly any wear on any part. The new wheel with the idler wheel was left out to dry, after positioning the shaft, I exposied the shaft to the wheel.

Next day was Dday, will this work, put in the wheel, aligned the idler wheel to the drive base, attached the motor, aligned that one with feeler gauge around the rotor, put in the whole drive unit, connected the pair of cables I disconnected before., The belt fits with a little tension.

Put on the platter, on that a 30 CM record and a strobo cardboard disk, I started with the speed adjustment at its lowest, that was too slow, adjusted the right speed and ended with 1/3 adjustment left to full speed, amazing, I thought that I would have to machine the wheel at least once, I now connected the deck to my BM 4000, put on the pick up and Anita, cleaned both, the white piece with the tooth picker is my 2 cent pick up cleaner. Anita brought out some wonderful tones, I really love this, 121 V/60 Hz incoming, and the deck works like a charm

After playing some more LPs and 45s, checking set down and set off points and all functions, I checked the speed again, it was now a little to fast, like everything came lose after the cleaning and lubrication, I adjusted the speed and is now nearly in the middle of the adjustment, thats just perfect. There is a problem with the silent contact, it makes a noise, turning on and off, will look into cleaning the contacts, and check the capacitors build into the relay housing.
I'm happy with my Beogram 1202, so good looking together with the BM 901, next to come is changing belt on my Beocord 5000 and CD50, then onto a pair of Beovox 1600, these will complete the BM 901 and Beogram 1202.
Senest rettet af Mexking tirs 26. jun 2012 01:56, rettet i alt 2 gange.
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BeoSound 2
BeoSound 2
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Re: BG 1202 renovation

Indlægaf Dillen » søn 24. jun 2012 22:57

Hi Søren,

Glad to see you found this forum. And great to see some life here.

I agree on the choice of english language, however, I do have a slight comment about the thread title:
Renovation - det er affaldshåndtering på dansk.
Du mener sikkert renovering men renovation går jo fint hvis overskriften er på engelsk :lol: .

And I must say that's exactly what you've thrown yourself into here.
What a task ! :geek:
But, knowing how hard you work with difficult tasks and stubborn things, I'm sure, you will
end up with a nice and well functioning Beogram.

Actually, due to very high demands from all over the world, a kit was once available from
B&O for 50-60Hz conversion, consisting of a complete motor assy and platter (for Beogram 1200)
but I suppose, it would be extremely difficult if not downright impossible to find one today.
Indeed, I never saw one myself. Due to the nature of things, they could very well be easier to
find in 60Hz areas.

I will follow this thread with interest and once again, I admire your machining skills, something I never
quite got the hang of myself.

BeoSound 2
BeoSound 2
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